our way of making a positive impact

The Why

The Plant YYZ started with the simple desire to produce a sustainable line of food that would nourish bodies, but also have a low impact on the environment. It would be directly connected to Ontario sourced and grown produce and ingredients; simply put, it would be local, sustainable, and ethically sourced. This would be our way of making a positive impact in the food system.

We believe eating good food is empowering and we want to empower our community with good food!

While researching how to create a sustainable food brand, it became evident that a plant-based diet was most in line with the sustainable practices we want to follow. This is why we spent five years in the research and development phase of the business, transforming traditional and much-loved recipes – many of them meat-based – into over 150 plant-based products. This is how The Plant YYZ came to be.

We’re committed to helping the community build a strong, informed, and healthy relationship with their food, the producers who make and grow it, and where it comes from.

  • Bullfrog Powered
  • Foodland Ontario Certified
  • Cruelty Free
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • High Nutrient Density
  • 95% Ontario and Sustainably Sourced
  • Water Smart – Consuming Less Water than Traditional Food Production Plants
  • Committed to Compostable Packaging and Glassware

The Story

Founder and co-owner, Melanie Bozzo, started her project in Miami as The Plant MIA, opening up a test kitchen in Little Haiti, Miami. There, she had the opportunity to share her vision and delicious food at high-profile cultural events such as Art Basel, IIIpoints Music Festival, and TransAtlantic Music Festival; she also did pop ups at Whole Foods Farmers Markets across South Florida. Her success at these events inspired her to bring this concept of a sustainable food brand back to her hometown of Toronto, Ontario, home of her first retail outlet.

Melanie’s father and business partner, Frank Bozzo, brings 35+ years of innovative food production and recipe development to the table – literally! – by creating sauces, entrees, and pastas for several major retailers, multi-national grocery chains, and restaurants across North America. In 2011, Frank built a carbon-neutral, Bullfrog-powered Research, Development, and Production facility in Vaughan, Ontario; this is where The Plant YYZ products are made.

Over the last five years, Melanie has been working closely with her father and together they have created over 150 The Plant YYZ products, with more to come!